Dear My LoveI wish you . . .Would be lived on beside of me with my Love Dreamsand. . .hope to sink with me so deeperdesire to gaze with me so brighterwish to hug with me so wilderheal and console with me for own sensitivity by the destineyAND Dreaming with me Sweetend as sweetest of Love with my Love Dreams Yours. . . Me . . . . . . . Ren and Chuehonn ... ... as Chuehone *☆* *☆* *☆* *☆* *☆* *...

the SYMPATHIES * Instrumental of Love Dreams

By mimi's worldFrom far away beyond beautiful sea*☆ Reverie of my Dream three ☆* ......Sleep peacefulness with Sweet Love Dreams......*THe pOlaR NightS *symPAThIEs of priNCE anD pRIncEsS Northern Lights -Dreams from ChuehonnSouthern Lights -Dreams from Renthe One moon Lights - Dreams from ChuehoneMid Winter - Dreams from KyokoMid Summer - Dreams from ShoThe Magic Hour - Mimi's Dreams the...